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Addiction is one of the most serious medical problems confronting society today. Alcoholism and addiction to other drugs is a complex bio-psycho-social disease requiring specific and expert treatment. The wave of how this disease affects the family and loved ones has a rippling effect while each person close begins to play their role. Living with addiction is “business as usual” for the suffering alcoholic/ drug addict or star of the show. The afflicted cannot steer their way through the rough seas which in return brings negative effects to their families, friends & employers. You do not have to live with addiction. There is hope for the still suffering alcoholic or drug addict, no matter how rough the seas have become. We have seen many men and women who were once considered hopeless and lost at sea gain their lives back through embracing recovery. A Drug Addiction Intervention can be the first step.


We Can Help With

Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Guided Solutions works with a multitude of qualified addiction specialists. We understand that one specific solutions may not work for everyone. We take the time to personally analyze each addict or alcoholic’s unique situation.

Nationwide Interventions

Guided Solutions has traveled all over the nation to provide specifically tailored Drug Addiction Interventions for hundreds of suffering alcoholics and addicts. An intervention is often times the first step to providing the alcoholic or addict and their families a solutions to the problem.

Case Management

The recovery process does not end once the afflicted steps into a treatment center. Guided Solutions provides support and direction to the addict or alcoholic and their families. We have helped many people begin and continue their path to recovery.

After Care Coordination

Drug addiction and alcoholism treatment is often the first step towards recovery. However, many times the addiction treatment is followed by an Intensive Outpatient or counseling of some sort. Addicts and alcoholics may also need to continue their care with the help of medications for other conditions. Guided Solutions can help the addict and their loved ones find the best path towards lasting recovery.

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Drug Addiction Intervention Specialists are available TODAY!

Guided Solutions has helped many addicts, alcoholics and their families through the use of a drug addiction intervention. We travel all over the nation to coordinate the best treatment options for the suffering and their loved ones.